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7 Sephora Beauty Insider Shopping Secrets

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Ah, Sephora, the sacred salons of beauty paradise. Girls become women when they acquire their first Beauty Insider card. There are a few pieces of Sephora trivia that most beauty junkies are already familiar with. For example, you’ve probably heard that in Sephora terms, every store is called a stage, and employees are called cast members who don’t wear uniforms but costumes.

But even the most Sephora-obsessed consumers do not look at the company from the inside, as the people who have worked there do. We have a certain fascination for Sephora members: Do they get as many free products as we think? Are there any good buying tips right under our noses? And how many samples are there really for many?

We decided to do a thorough study to find the exclusive knowledge about Sephora that only an insider would have. To maintain objectivity, we spoke with five former company employees: Ariel Orellana, Kylie Dennison, Rebecca McDonald, Tiffany Colon and Nathalie Nieves. Here are 15 of her cool inside secrets.

You Can Get a Free Mini Facial in Any Store

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Orellana says Sephora’s skin care section is often the quietest place in the store, so her assistants are always happy and available to show off her products.

“Skin care consultants are committed to learning how to give skin care expressions, which are basically express facials on the floor with cleanser, toner, treatment and moisturizer,” says Nieves. Just choose the products you would like to try to order a skin care express. “It’s a great way to try different products and give yourself (and your skin!) A quick stimulus,” Nieves adds. Plus, it’s free.

Free Hairstyling Sesh

Drybar curling iron

The same goes for the hairstyle. “Role players are trained in different dry styling trends every two months from brands like Living Proof and Drybar,” says Orellana. “So you can undergo a touch-up on your hair as well as your skin and makeup.”

Employees Won’t Judge You for Doing Your Nails Without Buying Anything

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In college, I used to sneak into Sephora just to do my nails and go; But apparently I did not have to act so suspiciously. “Nail study is a fun way to kill time and try new colors if you get bored,” says Orellana.

Midhat Tip

Formula X works with beauty bloggers to release a new collection at the beginning of every month, so stop by around that time to play with the new shades.

But They Will Judge You for Double-Dipping in Tester Products

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It’s so tempting, but so gross. “For the love of God, if you want to try a product, you must first give it to a member of the cast to disinfect it or find the nearest hygiene station,” Orellana asks. “When trying lip gloss or mascara, always use a test stick and do not get wet twice.”

Double dipping in pot products is even worse. “No, I repeat, never try makeup or skin care that is always in a bottle,” Nieves says. “Try or try things in the store that come in a pump container.” The reason? “Things get really rough and unhealthy with sampling, and I’ve seen many customers dip their fingers in several pots without fitting, it’s rough and fertile ground for bacteria,” Nieves says. If you’re hell-bent on trying a product that comes in a jar or jar, Nieves says, buy it and return it later, or ask an employee if they’ve packed samples. “All brands give us some kind of pre-packaged sample, so ask us!” she says.

The Limit on Free Samples Varies by Store

Sample jar

Our experts say that the rules for samples vary by store. According to Orellana, there is no limit to the number you are allowed to take home. “If someone tries to tell you in the store that the limit is three, they’re lying to you,” he says.

But Nieves attests that his store was only allowed to give each customer three samples a day. “No more, no less.” Colon agrees, adding that if you are “one of those people who comes in every day”, you will be limited to three a week.

Either way, never be afraid to ask for samples. Some stores may be more forgiving than others, but they will never completely reject you. “Fight for your right to the show!” Says Nieves.

Sephora Collection Makes Dupes for Tons of Pricy Cult Products

Sephora beauty products

Orellana and McDonald promise that Sephora’s internal lineup is as high as the brands that double in price, but most people do not benefit from it. “The Sephora collection has a scam for almost every favorite high-end beauty product,” she says. “The price is always lower and the quality is excellent!” Here’s the proof: Any Sephora product that is not rated four stars or higher is “discontinued or reformulated,” McDonald says. “This guarantees high quality products at a decent price!”

Sephora Collection’s High-Precision Long-Wear Eyeliner Brush ($ 12) and Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color ($ 11) are some favorites competing with pharmacy prices.

Sephora Favorites Are Way Underrated

Sephora Favorites perfume sampler

“Value sets offered at Sephora are always worth a lot more than what you actually pay for!” Says Dennison. “Most of the time you get a full size makeup set for a third of the price. It’s a great way to try new products while keeping your old favorites in stock!”

Colon recommends that perfume extractor. “It’s usually $ 40 cheaper than buying a single bottle of perfume,” he says.

Click here to get free samples from Sephora favorites

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