Carol Midhat About Pic Changed

Hey, I’m Midhat!

Hi, I am Carol Midhat, Beauty – lifestyle blogger,Designer and empty nester who fancies myself famous—if only in my own mind. I write, edit, post, and promote the content on My websites. I generate and pitch ideas, compose and edit posts, market posts to readers, and conduct research.

My blogging journey began in January 2018 with a simple mission to learn how to do something new. It quickly grew and in 2020 – a lifestyle blog expanded to cover FASHION, BEAUTY, FOOD, and HEALTH. I’m on a mission to help women look and feel their best – at any age.

My shopping links often generate revenue through affiliate programs and my posts are occasionally sponsored or supported by brands. I do not write about celebrities or do ‘get the look’ features.

I’m an everyday gal about town always exploring new opportunities especially when it pertains to aesthetic procedures and a good retail sale!  Do you have something you would like for me to consider in my editorial content? Be sure to contact me here. I hope you will stop by often. My intent is to inspire you to try something new while we’re talking over coffee via the daily blog post. I love seeing you every day!

I am on the go and in the know. Enjoy the journey.  xoxo – Midhat

CONTACT ME: [email protected]