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How to Shop at Sephora Like a Sephora VP

Common Shopping Mistakes

The beauty industry can feel like the Wild West – each new product is more confusing than the last. How do we know if what we are buying is right for us? Well, it turns out that many of us make mistakes that we did not even know existed.

I spoke with Artemis Patrick, Sephora’s SVP of Marketing, about the most common mistakes that occur during the process of deciding on a beauty regimen, as well as ways to ensure that you never make the same mistake twice.

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The most common mistakes

“The most common beauty flaw we see at Sephora is that our customers buy skin products that do not match their skin color. With so many brands, formulations and shade names to choose from, we understand that skin color in particular can be a difficult landscape to navigate. It is important that clients take into account the skin’s surface and shades to find the tones that best suit their own color. ”

Not Knowing Your Skin Type

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation - Shopping Mistakes

“Knowing your skin type and being consistent with your formulation preferences is a very important skill when shopping for beauty, whether it’s for skin care (cream or serum?), Fragrance (spray or rollerball?) Or cosmetics. Color as base, eyeliner, lip color. , redness and more (liquid, powder, cream, gel?). Often we will see that customers buy formulations that are not suitable for their skin type (for example, those with dry skin who buy powder formulations, which then stick to dry skin spots for uneven application) and then they are not satisfied with the results.

We offer a wide range of formulations within each category at Sephora to ensure that there are enough options to suit everyone’s skin type and personal preferences. In addition, we encourage customers to test the products with our open testers and use the help of our members and digital services to help them find out what is right for them. ”

Refusing to Try New Products

Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Shopping Mistakes

“While we value loyalty, we always try to encourage our customers to be open to different products from different brands, as each company has a unique point of view, wording and offer. What works for one person may not be suitable for another, and the best thing about shopping for beauty products is that you can benefit from browsing the best products from a wide range of brands, all in one home. ”

Skimping on Beauty Tools

BeautyBlender - Shopping Mistakes

“Often people invest in makeup products but save on application tools. Whether it’s a sponge or a particular brush, it’s just as important to have the right tools as the colored cosmetics you buy; if they are not used properly, you will never see their full effectiveness. ”

Invest in Primers

Hydrating Primer - Shopping Mistakes

Buyers often forget to invest in proper primers and prep steps to ensure that their color cosmetics are applied smoothly and remain firm. After all, great makeup starts with good skin! Your number one preparation step should always be taking care of your skin with proper hydration, nutrition and treatments. Without the correct steps, the results do not reach their maximum profitability or longevity. ”

How to Avoid These Mistakes

“We all love beauty and we are here to help, just ask! Let our experts help guide you based on what makes you feel good. After all, they are familiar with all the offerings from all the available brands, so they are a great resource and soundtrack. ”

“We offer a variety of in-store technologies such as Sephora + Pantone Color IQ that scientifically match your skin tone with your perfect combinations of foundation, lip and concealer across all brands. This imaging device takes into account your surface and undertones on your skin, is not dependent on ambient light and allows you to filter based on preferences such as formulation type, price, SPF and more. With this type of technology, you no longer have to rely on blind faith and trial and error to find your best products; We have scientific evidence that they are right for you!

We also offer in-store digital services such as Skincare IQ and Fragrance IQ to help you navigate the crowded spaces better by answering a wide range of questions about your concerns, lifestyle, preferences and more to help you narrow down your selection of products. need to. ‘What are you looking for. You can use these monitors in-store alone or with the help of a cast member. ”

“Beauty education is a very important way to avoid making mistakes when buying beauty products. Whether it’s through word of mouth, reading online reviews or even Sephora’s new store design called Beauty TIP Workshop (short for Teach, Inspire, Play), there are many ways to learn more about beauty. Sephora offers enhanced services with a fully interactive setup to learn new techniques and trends. Through these services and classes, customers learn to use the products they purchase and have the confidence to know that they can create the look they want while reducing expensive and time-consuming trial and error. You can also have an impartial and honest conversation about all the beauty in the community forums. ”

“I would find a place where you feel comfortable exploring without feeling the pressure to buy something you do not like or dislike. Look for unbiased recommendations for beauty products that are right for you. ”

“Everyone is unique, but if you’re worried about an ingredient causing sensitivity, just ask for a sample! Most stores can try all of their products so you can try it before investing in full size. It’s often a matter of thinking about how your hair or skin behaves at certain hours of the day, under certain weather conditions or in different seasons, but if you’re really blunt, most salespeople are trained to help. ‘ diagnose ‘the right Products for you.

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